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Hancock County Coalition for Community Health

The Hancock County Coalition for Community Health is a coalition of community-based organizations and schools, employing the Healthy Communities approach to promote health, well-being and quality of life for the people living and working in Hancock County. We coordinate and share health resources so that many people can enjoy the benefits of finding wonderful dentists, caregivers, fitness experts, and general health practitioners.

Why Dentists Are Truly Creating a Healthy Generation

Dentists & dental practitioners like orthodontists, endodontists or root canal specialists, and even cosmetic dentists are some of the most unsung heroes of our time. They have to:

  • Deal with people's mouths every day
  • Calm nervous patients who hate going to the dentist
  • And be experts at their difficult practice so patients enjoy pain-free dental procedures
Granted, if dentists don't mind the above three points, and love what they do, then they have a great career! And that's what we wanted to show here on this page - dentists who love what they do so that you can feel calm and collected knowing your teeth and gums are in good hands!

Affordable Dentists Near You

A great place to locate a "dentistry near me" is at Many people have Delta Dental insurance. If you are one of those people, then you can perform a search based on practitioner's name or practice name.

Tips on Getting Better Oral Health

Many people see great results and healthy gums and teeth by not smoking, and then just brushing their teeth twice a day or after they eat, and also flossing. The dental staff at Dental Orange County in California ( talk about also seriously considering not using toxic toothpaste and mouthwash regularly. Learn more about Dental Orange County.

Get in Shape!

The APHA is a great resource to use for those looking to exceed their overall health goals. You can also find news articles of the latest health trends. There's also some great articles on tobacco health. Health & Fitness is something we all should be striving for; and with a close community of people, we can all help each other! Also, if you're a health can get your fix of health-related articles on Medical News Today.

Assessment and research to identify common needs  and resources
Communication regarding educational programs and awareness activities
County-wide health planning

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